Walking Your Dog Every Day

Walking Your Dog Every day is very important if you own a Dachshunds, as they are a hunting breed, they very energetic and need a daily dose of exercise. Unfortunately, many owners think that because of their small size they get enough exercise in their house. Even worse some carry them around all day, and their little legs hardly touch the ground.

Dachshunds need 40 minutes to one hour of exercise time every day. If they do not get enough exercise they will become bored. Your Dachshund needs the stimulation of going outside and meeting new dogs and people, as well as sniffing new smells. This will help satisfy their instinct of tracking small animals and will give your doxie the mental stimulation that it requires.

Dachshunds have big appetites and are prone to becoming overweight.  This will increase the probability of developing major back problems. They need to have strong muscular bodies as their long backbones are not suitable to carry more than their natural bodyweight, A fat Dachshund will suffer from back pains.

Walking your dog every day will help it get used to meeting new people and dogs. If your doxie is not properly socialized it can become skittish and fearful around people and dogs which could lead to biting.

If your dachshund is not used to going outside and gets scared easily, make sure you have a good leash, as dachshunds are stronger than they look, and if your doxie gets scared its first instinct is to run. This sudden spurt of energy can easily break a weak leash or pull it out of your hands. Letting your scared dog get loose can be very dangerous, with the risk of them running blindly into a road or refusing to come back to you.

What to do if you are Unable to walk your dachshund

It might be a good idea to hire a dog walker when walking your dog is not possible. There are some apps that will help you find a dog walker near you. These services provide on-demand dog walking, notifications, and the ability to follow your dog through GPS feature.


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