New puppy checklist: Must have supplies for your new puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is a great responsibility and can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. This new puppy checklist will help you sort out the things you ABSOLUTELY need to take good care of your puppy and welcome your new family member into your home.

1. High-Quality Food

This one is pretty obvious. Your puppy needs to eat. But you need to make sure you get the right food. If you want your puppy to grow into a healthy dog and have a long happy life, you need to stay away from dog food with high grain content, generic “meat” labeling on the ingredients list (which could be anything), and high fat and calcium content.
When buying food for your puppy, always check the ingredients. The best food contains:
– High amounts of meat-based protein: Should be the 1st ingredient on the label
– No wheat, corn or artificial flavors
– Low carbohydrate content

2. Dog Bed

A nice comfy bed is essential. Don’t need a very large bed for a dachshund, a small to medium size bed will be fine for minis and standards. But you will need a strong, durable bed so that your energetic little puppy doesn’t destroy it completely. The best beds for dachshunds are the ones they don’t need to jump up and down from, to avoid back problems in the future. Also, they love cozy beds they can curl up into and burrow. Here are some great options

3. Crate

There are many benefits from crate training your puppy. At some point, it will be necessary for your dachshund to be familiar with being in a crate for visits to the vet, groomer, boarding. Also, makes it easier to travel with your dog, is very helpful when potty training and helps your doxie to mentally relax. Here are some great crates you can get for your puppy

4. Potty Pads

Puppies take some time to potty train and being so young, sometimes you cannot take your new puppy outside to pee. So you are going to need a good supply of potty pads to help you until your puppy is house trained. This amazing pads will keep moisture locked in and will help control odors.

5. Collar and Leash

This one is a no-brainer, you need to keep your puppy on a leash when you take it out. Here are some great options. You can go simple and functional with the reflective flat leash, or get something more stylish and fun. The braided leather leash is our favorite leash of all!

6. Chew Toys

Teething puppies will need some chew toys. Get some fun rope toys that will also clean their teeth and massage their gums

7. Food Bowls

These are some of our favorite dog bowls. The first one with a silicone base that keeps the bowls from flipping and sliding while your puppy eats and also catches spills to keep your floor clean. The other is a FANTASTIC slow feeding bowl that will prevent your puppy from eating too fast and getting bloated


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